ECAMP is an Initiative by AccelerateSD & Good Earth with an aim of strengthening the mission of creating 5000 Young Environmental Leaders by 2030.


Phone: 9705470575

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Workshops at ECAMP

Environment & Climate Action Mentoring Program 

ECAMP is an unique program to  Inspire & Engage Youth to work towards Environmental Conservation, Climate Action & Sustainability. This Program is designed with Workshops, Field Visits, Mentoring & Networking Sessions. ECAMP is located in Wayanad, an Eco-sensitive zone. 


Climate Change

The climate change workshop aims to enhance understanding of climate change and its impacts on biodiversity scientifically and Discussing the solutions to  tackle it through ‘Mitigating Climate Change’ techniques & Climate Adaptation.

Environment & Habitat Conservation

The Environment & Habitat Conservation workshop will focus on understanding the importance of conserving the Environment and how it can help us to create a Better Ecosystem.

Environmental Policies & regulations

The workshop will give a brief understanding of the existing Environmental Policies and Regulations, how we can leverage or enhance the Policies and Regulations For Protecting the Environment

Adopting to Sustainable Solutions & Practices

The Workshop will demonstrate the available Sustainable Solutions &  Protecting the Environment and showcase some proven success stories on how it can help us in creating a Better Planet.

Leadership Development & Nonprofit Management

This workshop aims to inspire the participants to develop leadership skills. It will also discuss how to establish an organization for addressing serious environmental issues.

Sustainable Development

This Workshop gives a Clear picture of Sustainable Development and discuss various issues, underlying economic growth and sustainable development. How to balance social progress, infrastructure and economic growth within perimeter of  sustainable environmental protection

Design Thinking

The Design Thinking workshops bring a creative approach by engaging in dynamic discussions, relevant readings, and team exercises. Its systematic, human-centred approach to solving complex problems. Through this workshop, you find solutions to the local Problems.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The workshop is designed to engage participants on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business models and systems. The Workshop will have success case studies on how Innovations & Entrepreneurship together can solve worlds vital challenges  in the session of interaction with Entrepreneurs & Innovators .

How to pitch

The workshop will help you what it takes to pitch  Communities, Partners, Funders & various stakeholders to get them together for working on Project/Cause.